1. What do the numbers on the diagram mean?

— Our company’s trading system calculates the current investment proposal taking a variety of factors into consideration. The investment proposal indicates the interest rate (investment proposal revenue position), the profitability index (investment proposal relative attractiveness with respect to ones offered before), and the deposit period (full refund period, including interest).

2. How will my deposit profitability be calculated?

— The profitability is calculated on the basis of the parameters indicated in the investment proposal at the deposit opening time.

3. What is an investment limit and why cannot I invest more than this amount?

— Our company’s intelligent system takes many factors into consideration and sets limits on the deposit amount in real time. Restrictions apply not only to the deposit amount but also to the new deposits quantity (not more than 1 new deposit per day for each client).

4. On what days interest on my deposit is accrued?

— Accruals are made on business days (Mon-Fri, 5 days a week). Accruals schedule on public holidays is published in advance (not less than 10 days before) in our company’s information blog.

5. What is the minimum withdrawal amount from my account balance to the payment system account?

— The minimum withdrawal amount is set according to the payment system parameters and equals minimum $0.01.

6. How soon will the money arrive in my payment system account?

— Most withdrawal requests are automatically processed by our system on a round-the-clock basis. Accruals to the payment system account are made instantly. In the case of any technical malfunction, our company’s expert personnel will make every possible effort to solve any faced issue in the shortest time possible (no more than 24 hours).

7. Is it possible to close my deposit before its term ends and withdraw all funds?

— It is not allowed to close any deposit before its term ends.

8. Is the deposit amount included in the daily interest accruals?

— Yes, your deposit is included in the daily interest accruals.

9. Does any fee for funds withdrawal apply?

— There is no withdrawal fee on our part but you may be charged some fee by your chosen payment system.

10. Where can I see the company's documents?

— All basic information about our company is available in the British Government public register.

11. I have a problem, whom can I address to solve it?

— Our company’s customer support service is available on the round-the-clock basis and is happy to assist you in any situation.